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The Rotatori Family

July 2018 - today
In July of 2018, while working at the Michael Breed Golf Academy I began giving golf lessons to grace Rotatori and her younger brother Liam. Each weekend the two young golfers would come for lessons where we would work on golf skills and they'd also receive mentoring. We would end each lesson with a word of the day, discussing words like persevere, care, or thankful. they saw a very positive impact on their kids from coaching and mentoring. Both Grace and Liam exuded confidence as they started to grow with golf, now competing in junior tournaments. Their parents were also happy to see more focus in school along with better grades. as I left the Academy, Grace and Liam's parents still wanted to have me be their coach and mentor which we now do remotely and in-person once a month during the fall and winter.

Program Details: Remote coaching and Mentoring, Exclusive Private Lessons(I travel)

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